What Is AOD Pump

What Is AOD Pump?

AOD pump is an abbreviation for air operated diaphragm pump, which refers to a positive displacement pump that uses air as its power source. They are ideal for viscous fluids, or products containing solids, and are the perfect solution for fluid handling applications.

When an air-operated diaphragm pump is connected to compressed air, an air valve controls the compressed air to push the diaphragm to the right, where it squeezes the media in the right diaphragm chamber thereby discharging the media from the pump chamber.

Air diaphragm pumps can be used for a wide range of applications. They can not only handle sludge and slurry containing large amounts of grit and solid debris, but also for corrosive and abrasive fluids can be well handled.

AOBL, a leading manufacturer of fluid transfer products, offers a wide range of AOD pumps. These diaphragm pumps offer excellent suction lift capabilities. Pressurized products (such as beverages) can be conveyed at low pressures and speeds. Can idle and have low shear material capability. Each air-operated diaphragm pump is carefully designed to perform optimally even under the harshest conditions.

We strive to bring the latest technology to our customers. Our experienced staff can help ensure that you get the best air-operated diaphragm pump for your specific application. Contact AOBL for equipment quotes or solutions, and we look forward to talking and working with you.