AOBL provides additional protection in optimizing pump and system performance for efficiency and for your critical equipment. Our air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump spare parts, repair kits and accessories are tested and approved. When used with your AOBL pump, they can improve your system performance and extend the life of your pump.

Advantages of AOBL Genuine Kits

  • Reduce the frequency of maintenance
  • Increase service life
  • Extend uptime
  • Save time and money
  • Improve pump performance and productivity
  • Reduce failure rates
  • Protects ancillary equipment during fluid transfer
  • Precision pump control and air efficiency

AOBL accessories include

  • Pulsation damper: Helps provide a virtually pulsation-free discharge stream for more consistent pressure while reducing system vibration and noise
  • Air filter regulator lubricator: Protects the pump air valve by removing solid and liquid contaminants from the air line, while providing additional precise pump control

Accessories installation process diagram

Diaphragm pump accessories installation process diagram
Diaphragm pump accessories installation process diagram
  1. Gas Pipeline
  2. Cuprum Ball Valve
  3. Air Pressure Regulator
  4. Intake Pipe Quick Connection
  5. Leak Type Cuprum Ball Valve
  1. Pneumatic FRL(Filter regulator lubricator)
  2. Muffler
  3. Exhaust Pipe
  4. Container For Exhaust


The basic structure of pneumatic diaphragm pump includes pneumatic drive device, diaphragm, import and export valves, pump body and connecting piping and other parts.

  1. First check if the filter at the air inlet end is clogged, if it is clogged with foreign matter, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  2. Check whether the air valve is stuck by impurities, if so, the valve needs to be removed and cleaned.
  3. Check whether the diaphragm piece is broken, if it is, it needs to be replaced with a new one.
  4. Check if the diaphragm is properly installed and locked.
  5. Check if the outlet pump body and piping are leaking.
  6. Check that the piston of the air valve is in proper condition.
  7. Check the condition of the seal parts of the center body, which may need to be replaced if they are badly worn.