Air filters/regulators/lubricators (FRL) play a critical role in the performance of air-operated double diaphragm ( AODD ) pumps. They prevent moist and contaminated air from entering the pump.

AOBL integral filter regulator lubricator protects the pump’s air valve by removing solid and liquid contaminants from the air line while providing additional precise pump control to help bring out its best performance.

Typically, the air coming from the compressor is moist, dirty, and often unregulated. The combination of dirty and unconditioned air can damage and/or shorten the life of downstream equipment, such as air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps.

To solve this problem, compressed air should be filtered and conditioned. the AOBL filter regulator removes solid and liquid contaminants to extend the life of the AODD pump and other air system components. The filter regulator doubles as a filter and pressure regulator, providing protection and precise control.

Filters, regulators and lubricators can be combined. They are typically strung together in F+R+L arrangements (three-piece combinations) and F/R+L (two-piece combinations), but other configurations can be used as required by the application.


Reduced maintenance

Clean, conditioned air is an important factor in ensuring trouble-free pump operation.

Reduced operating costs

Save energy costs by reducing air consumption and reducing the need for compressors

Extend pump life

Reduces pressure on diaphragm pump components by regulating air pressure to the desired amount

Pump protection

Protects the pump’s main air valve by removing solid and liquid contaminants from the air line

Easy Installation

Filters and regulates air supply in one easy-to-install unit

Precise pump control

Easily adjust air pressure to change pump flow and run the pump at the desired speed

Maximum working pressure1 Mpa
Temperature of use-5 to 60 ℃
MaterialAluminium alloy
Technical Parameters