CQF-Z chemical seal-less magnetic drive centrifugal end suction pumps with self-priming design are safe and leak-free for processing and handling hazardous chemicals. Self priming pumps effectively solve many pumping problems in a wide range of applications. Maximum flow rates from 220 LPM to 550 LPM.

Maximum Flow: 550 LPM

Maximum Head: 22 m

AOBL CQF-Z series self-priming magnetically driven centrifugal pumps are particularly suitable for Self-priming applications where leakage must be avoided and special attention is required when handling toxic, explosive and other hazardous liquids.

CQF-Z Magnetic Drive Pump Internal Structure Diagram
CQF-Z Magnetic Drive Pump Internal Structure Diagram


  • Self-priming design with gas-liquid separation ensures high self-priming speed.
  • Innovative shaft seal-less design eliminates temperature rise, deformation, leakage and other shortcomings during long time operation.
  • Strong corrosion resistance, material GFRPP, PVDF.
  • Resistant to strong acid and alkali.
  • Applicable temperature: below 80℃.
Maximum flow220 LPM – 550 LPM
Maximum head10 m – 22 m
Motor power1.1 kW – 3 kW
Technical Parameters