MP series magnetic pump adopts no shaft seal design, the pump body is completely sealed, no leakage, will not cause corrosion of the pump body and environmental pollution, is the ideal corrosive liquid transfer pump. MP series maximum flow rate from 11 LPM to 220 LPM, there are hose interface and threaded interface options. The pump body is made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and high alumina ceramics, making it safe for most chemical liquids.

Maximum Flow: 220 LPM

Maximum Head: 14.5 m

AOBL MP series magnetic drive circulating motor pump is a fully sealed pump, the motor connecting shaft and impeller are respectively equipped with magnetic material, they are coupled by mutual attraction. Avoid the defects of contamination after corrosion due to liquid leakage. Pump body components modular. Make maintenance extremely easy. Material GFRPP, applicable temperature: Below 80℃, PVDF applicable temperature: Below 100℃.

MP Magnetic Drive Pump Internal Structure Diagram
MP Magnetic Drive Pump Internal Structure Diagram


  • Center bearing support prevents shaft deflection
  • One piece machined rear casing provides extra strength
  • Removable impeller for easy maintenance
  • No seal wear and replacement problems, compact structure, easy installation
  • Made of GFRPP (glass fiber reinforced polypropylene), which can safely transport various chemical liquids
Maximum flow5 LPM – 220 LPM
Maximum head1 m – 14.5 m
Motor power6 W – 550 W
Technical Parameters